Tech Tastes Wine with Google DeepMind

18:00 Registration

18:30 Introduction to Tech Tastes Wine evening format

18:35 Introduction to the wines to be sampled throughout the evening by Michael Wagstaff, CEO of Greyfriars

18:45 Speaker: Trevor Callaghan, General Counsel at Google’s DeepMind, will outline some of the issues and challenges of working on the legal docket for a company focussed on solving intelligence.  DeepMind, founded in the UK in 2010, created the first computer program to ever beat a professional at the game of Go (AlphaGo), created a DeepRL system to play Atari games at beyond human level performance (DQN), and is engaged in various research projects with the NHS to apply machine learning to radiotherapy planning for head and neck cancers and identification of conditions like age related macular degeneration in optical coherence tomography scans.

18:55 Q&A

19:00: Short break to change places/tables (while wines are served)

19:10 Michael Wagsatff, CEO of Greyfriars Winery introduces the wines.

19:20 Speaker: Vinaya

Dan Möller is one of the founders of VINAYA, a company creating wearable technology products that enhance modern wellbeing. Known for their first product ALTRUIS, a line of designer wearables promoting digital balance, as well as their next generation product ZENTA, a cutting-edge emotion tracking wearable for both body and mind. Originally from Sweden, Dan holds a Master’s degree in Engineering and has a background in operations and product development in the fashion and consumer goods industry.

19:30 Short break to change places/tables

19:45  Speaker: Michael Wagstaff, CEO and founder of Greyfriars Winery

19:55 Q&A

20:05 Networking

20:30 End