All I Ever Wanted: Proenza Schouler Headphones

I woke up one morning, a few days before London Fashion Week AW2015 frenzy was to sweep us from our routine and thought: “I should get new headphones.” But where was I to start? So I asked our musictech-savvy Chief Millennial Officer, Alex Marlow: “What do you think of the Proenza Schouler designed ones?” His answer:

“Everything about the Master & Dynamic MH40-PG feels right.”

His review:

In The Box

In the box you get a leather cable box containing 2 cables, one with a mic and volume control and one plain 2m cable as well as a 6.3mm adapter. The cables are woven so are less likely to tangle and the ends are really nice aluminium. You also get a really nice canvas bag to store the headphones in.


I like the design overall. The Proenza Schouler version comes in all black but there other versions that have flashier colours. They have an aluminium body with steel components where there is most stress. The headband is made from leather and feels really solid.


They are really comfortable to wear with an over the ear design the sits in place nicely even with glasses on. They are heavy. For extended periods of listening they could get slightly uncomfortable.


The sound overall is good; they have a really nice open top end. Speech sounds great and cuts through outside noise really well, so listening to your serial podcast or calling someone on the tube will sound great. This high end is nicely balanced too, from experience some headphones can have really fizzy top end making hi hats in dance music especially jarring, but with these you can hear a lot of detail in them. Listening to the Theo Parish Remix of Mala’s Como Como, the bass is punchy and clean. This has benefits of course, as the bass does not overpower the listening experience or fatigues your ears after longer periods of listening. The headphones seem to suit a range of genres with the MH40s sounding good throughout the frequency range, and everything from Led Zeppelin to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs sounds great on them.


Dimensions – 200mm x 185mm x 50mm

Impedance – 32 ohms

Drivers – 45mm Neodymium

Weight – 360g

Ear-pads: Lambskin

Boom Mic

The boom is designed to cancel surrounding sounds. The design of the Boom Mic matches the design of the cables with a woven cable. Combined with the headphones, which block out a good amount of noise, the microphone sounds good and is well positioned for speech, unlike microphones on cables which can often get caught under clothing and be sound muffled.

Alex Marlow graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a degree in Popular Music. He is the founder and creative lead of Sub_Raid_Records. He is a contributing writer to Never Enough Notes, LondonLondon, and was sound engineer and artist liaison at the 2000 Festival, in Reading. He is currently our Chief Millennial Officer in residence for London London flagship event for tech entrepreneurs and PE/VC and angel investors, Tech Tastes Wine. You can follow him on Twitter @alexdjmarlow

Problem solved. This is the one I am getting:


Master & Dynamic Proenza Schouler headphones