London Fashion Week AW15

Georgia Hardinge

Georgia Hardinge was born and raised in London. Truly a cosmopolitan soul like so many Londoners, she chose to study fashion at the Parson’s School of Design in Paris in 2008, where she she won the best designer award for her graduate collection. Her work is strongly influenced by architecture and sculpture. Her use of pleats, and the delicate craftsmanship required when it is applied to silk, are as satisfying to the eye as the new fabrics and textiles that she likes to experiment with.

Graphic design, colour bloc, and a sense of privacy, modesty, permeate the AW15 collection. These models look inward, and their clothes speak for them.  The cobalt blues and subdued canary yellows are playful, powerful, young, fresh.  And Beyonce and Lady Gaga cannot get enough of her. She is a darling at home in the UK, and a household name in the US.

georgia hardinge georgia hardinge2 one

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