Tech Tastes Wine: When Art Meets Tech

We had a great turnout for Tech Tastes Wine with over 20 people attending, three great speakers, and three fantastic wines. Ettore Ciancico, the winegrower and winemaker, told us about the production methods of his award-winning wines, his vineyard, and its fascinating history. The winery, La Salceta, sits in a triangle between Florence, Siena, and Arezzo, surrounded by the Pratomagno mountain range and the Chianti hills, in Tuscany. The vineyard is set in the landscape that is the inspiration for the background of Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The first wine we tasted was Ruschieto 2011, a red made of 100% Sangiovese, which had a very complex flavour, that was well balanced.

Marco De Santis co-founder and CEO of Art Guru then presented his startup – which just graduated from Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London. The app uses image recognition software and turns your smartphone into your very own guide around museums. To find out more go to the Art Guru website here.


The final speaker was Jonny Challenger who is the founder of the fashion discovery site Style Compare. The site assembles fashion items from lots of different sites and puts it all in one place allowing you to easily filter through various options to find what you’re looking for.

The final wine was the red called La Nocetta 2007, a blend of grapes, 60% Sangiovese and 40% Cabernet Franc, you can find out more about it here. If you enjoyed the wines we tasted you can purchase them on the importers Vini Setti Ponti website here. Our next event takes place on December 31rst, a New Year’s celebration by-invitation only. And keep your eyes peeled for the next Tech Tastes Wine, on January 14th 2015.  You can buy tickets through Eventbrite here and here. Or through here.